Sunday, June 16, 2013

Character Intro!

This is Alexandria. Get used to her because I use her in A LOT of stories (Dricki and Nicki, even Beyonce fics). Unless stated.. each character is NOT connected to one of the same name in another story. Sometimes she's a daughter, sometimes a sister, sometimes the main character. I've been using variations of her in my writing since 7th grade.
Alex is now portrayed by the one and only Vanessa Morgan (My Babysitter's A Vampire) who I love to death. She's awesome and the same age as me and if you come for her EVER.. I will hunt you down. K Thanks!

King Of The Jungle [OneShot]

“Mommy what is Mufasa,” 5 year old Audrey asked her mother who was reading a magazine on the couch. “He’s the daddy lion from the Lion King baby,” Nicki responded and patted the seat next to her. Audrey quickly ran over and jumped on the couch next to her mother. “No, Alex told me its where I came from,” Audrey looked puzzled and Nicki busted out laughing. “ALEX bring your little ass down here!” She called upstairs to her older daughter who is 15. “Yes mommy?” Alex said innocently and stood in the doorway 5 minuets later. “Stop corrupting my baby! Tell your sister who Mufasa is before I beat your ass,” Nicki’s eyes were wide and Alex smiled. “Audrey, Mufasa is mommy’s private part, between her legs,” Alex said and Nicki quickly chucked her GQ magazine across the room right at Alex’ head. “ALEXANDRIA!” she snapped and jumped up. While Nicki was standing Audrey quickly crawled down onto the floor and looked up trying to see in between Nicki’s legs. “Audrey what the hell are you doing,” Nicki quickly stepped away and Audrey jumped a little and started crying at her mother’s sudden temper. “Oh Audrey, sweet little ladybug, I’m sorry,” Nicki’s motherly instincts quickly acted up. She picked up her youngest daughter and sat back down on the couch with her. “Alex bring your ass over here,” Nicki said sternly and Alex trudged over and sat next to her mom and sister.
“Audrey, I was just playing. Mufasa is Simba’s daddy,” Alex knew Audrey was mad confused now. “Why you say mommy’s privates?” Audrey questioned and Alex looked at Nicki for guidance. “She was just playing around sweetheart,” Nicki said rubbing Audrey’s back. “You’re paying for this tonight,” Nicki quietly said and cut her eyes at Alex who returned the look. Nicki put her free arm around Alex who cuddled up to her inhaling her sent. Audrey put her head on Nicki’s chest, and immediately started sucking her thumb. “Now y’all want to be sweet,” Nicki laughed a little bit and gave them each a kiss. The front door opened and Alex and Audrey both looked up to see their dad. “Daddy!” Audrey quickly slid off Nicki’s lap and ran over to her father. “What’s up princess,” Drake said picking her up. “Hi daddy,” Alex smiled and gave him a hug. “How are you baby girl?” Drake couldn’t forget his older daughter. “The disrespect,” Nicki was still sitting on the couch and with her arms crossed. “Let me give mama some love too,” Drake carried Audrey over to the couch and sat down with her still in his arms. “Hi babe,” he passionately kissed Nicki’s lips.
“Where am I supposed to sit,” Alex rolled her eyes and Nicki motioned for her to come over with her pointer finger. “Alex, sit on mommy’s lap,” Audrey looked up at her big sister. “Only you can do that now peewee,” Alex took a seat next to Nicki again and put her arms around her, Nicki smiled and rubbed her back. “You know what, come here babe,” Nicki pulled Alex onto her lap who quickly put her head against her chest. Ever since Alex was a baby, she had been attached to her mom, just like Audrey was with their dad. “Two little sleepy lamb chops, y’all too much,” Nicki said just as Drake’s arm draped around her shoulder. The family sat there together, Audrey with her head on Drakes chest and Alex with her head on Nicki’s. Drake’s arm was around his wife’s shoulder and they all ended up falling asleep, just like that. 

Audrey, 5
Alex, 15

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Simple Gifts: Part 2

 It was dark inside, the only pieces of furniture in the living room were and old couch that was worn out with a floor lamp next to it, a small wooden coffee table with chipped finishing and an old TV. Nicki pondered a little bit and walked around, scanning every inch of the little house she was to call home now. Once she finished up with her little tour, she carefully took a seat next to Drake on the couch and curled up putting her head on his chest. “Thank you,” a small voice said and Drake looked down to see Nicki staring at him intently with her beautiful honey brown eyes. “Like I said, it ain’t much but we can fix it up and finally have us a place to call our home,” Drake’s soothing voice made Nicki smile. “You hear that baby boy? You can have your own room and everything!” Nicki rubbed her tummy a little bit. “Mmmh,” she shifted a little as their unborn son moved around in her womb. “I guess he heard you,” Drake chuckled and lifted Nicki’s shirt up a little, exposing her belly. He started kissing it all over and Nicki softly let out a moan. “Aubrey you know I get turned on quick so stop all of that,” she pushed Drake away and pulled her shirt down. “I went to help you relax though, you know its mothers day right?” Drake once again reached underneath Nicki’s shirt and caressed both her breasts over her bra.
Drake chuckled a little when Nicki started moving her hips a little bit. “You like that?” he whispered in her ear. “Babe, we can’t,” Nicki breathed out. “The doctor said, w-we can’t,” Nicki finished her sentence with a moan just as Drake slipped two of his fingers in her pussy. “Lie back baby,” Drake was firm, yet gentle with her just like old times. Nicki carefully rested her head on the arm of the couch and got comfortable. Drake slid off her maternity jeans, tossing them aside and then spread Nicki’s legs, letting them rest on his shoulders. Drake licked his lips a little as he eyed his prize and then dove in. Nicki shuddered with delight as she felt his tongue explore her walls and finally her pearl. Drake spent the next 7 minuets gently pleasuring Nicki because he knew she needed it. “Mmm damn papi,” she put her hand on the back of Drake’s head pushing him in more. “You like that? I wish I could give you something bigger baby,” Drake lay down a little in between her legs so she could feel his hardness. “Please daddy?” the way Nicki asked almost sent Drake over the edge.
        Drake gave into Nicki’s advances unzipped his jeans. He reached in pulling out his already hard member and stroked it a little bit. “If it hurts, tell me baby,” Drake said and nibbled on Nicki’s ear. She nodded slowly and spread her legs more, letting Drake slide right in. Drake made long strokes, getting deeper each time. “Ahhhh,” Nicki screamed and she put her hands on her belly. “Damn girl, fuck,” Drake grunted as I pushed himself in and out. Just seeing Nicki lying under him, pregnant and glowing turned him on even more, there was just something. “Turn over, I got you baby,” Drake said and Nicki nodded and slowly turned herself over so she was on her knees. Not knowing how long Nicki would be able to last in this position Drake got to work right away. “That ass is still, mmm,” Drake slapped Nicki’s ass and she squealed a little. Drake reached around and held on to Nicki’s belly and continued to fuck her nice and slow from the back. They both came together and returned to their original position on the couch. “That was amazing baby, I love you so much,” Nicki said in a sleepy voice. “You deserve it baby, you deserve to be happy for at least a little while,” Drake responded gently kissing her forehead. 
 Just as they were both drifting off to sleep Nicki looked up at Drake with a puzzled expression. “Babe?” she asked softly. “Mmmhmm,” Drake responded pulling her close again. “How come you did this for us? How you going to afford going to school now?” Nicki was already starting to feel guilty. Drake opened his eyes and turned Nicki’s head so she was looking right at him. “Baby listen to me alright, this gift is for you, it’s a place for us that we can really call home. Now our baby boy will have a home, he won’t have to deal with living on the streets like we was,” Drake tried to explain and Nicki nodded her head, still a little unsure. “I love you so much baby and thank you for making my dream come true,” Nicki reached up and put her slender hand on Drake’s face. “You’re welcome.” With that they fell asleep on the couch together, the first night in their new little home.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Revamping My Stories

I'm losing my edge. I've been writing fan fiction since 7th grade (mostly Beyonce) but now I have quite a few Nicki/Dricki stories. Writers block is a biyotch... plus when I have it and try to write... the stories don't come out as descriptive as I want. I'll have something up hopefully soon!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Simple Gifts: Happy Mothers Day

 Simple Gifts: Happy Mothers Day
“Nicki come on, we almost there,” Drake tried held his arm out for Nicki who was struggling to walk behind him. “I’m tired,” she whined, stopping in her tracks and rubbing her eyes, which were already red. “Ow,” Nicki groaned and Drake quickly dropped the two bags he was carrying and went to her aid. “What is it?” He put his hand on Nicki’s swollen belly. “He keeps fuckin kicking me!” She snapped and doubled over a little bit. “Nic look, its right there okay? Just hurry up before it starts pouring and you can sit,” Drake tried to coax Nicki who shoved him away. Between their harrowing situation and Nicki’s current hormones, Drake was almost at his wits end. He thought this little gesture he had tried so hard for would make her forget about their troubles for a little bit.
They finally arrived at a small house at the end of the quiet dark street they had been walking on. It really wasn’t much but it was theirs! “Whose house we staying at now?” Nicki combed her fingers through her hair as they stopped in front. Drake held up the keys and Nicki looked at him like he was insane. “We ain’t got much I know,” Drake started and held up the two duffle bags he was carrying to illustrate his point. “But this is all ours,” Drake quickly took her hand and led her inside. 

Part 2 Coming Soon... 

This is the house...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Fortune Toby [Oneshot]

Good Fortune Toby

*NOTE* Got the title from Good Luck Charlie after the new baby (Toby) was born lmfao. I thought it was cute! Very short (sorry), comments HIGHLY appreciated! ENJOY..! 

“Aubrey oh my gosh look,” Nicki stopped in front of a small pet store. “Want to go inside?” Drake asked and smiled a little at her eagerness. Nicki grinned and quickly went inside going straight to the puppy she had her eye on. The small dog barked excitedly as Nicki bent down to pet him. Drake squatted down next to her and rubbed the puppy’s head. “You’re so little and cute! I want to take you home and eat you up!” The puppy licked Nicki’s nose and she giggled. Nicki had always wanted a pet of her own since she was little but her family was never able to afford it. “Stay here babe, I’ll be back,” Drake stood up and went to find somebody who worked there.
“Hi how are you?” the woman was stocking a few pet supplies near the register area. “Good and yourself?” Drake was polite. “Great! How can I help you,” she was cheerful but anybody could tell it was forced. “My girlfriend is in love with that puppy in the front and I was wondering how much he is?” “The little lab mix? Is about $400,” she said and Drake nodded and wrote a check right then and there. “Can I come back and get stuff for him? I just want to surprise her,” Drake said quietly. “Of course, we’ll be open until 7,” the woman said and Drake nodded.
“You like him don’t you?” Drake joined Nicki once again and she was rocking him in her arms. “I wish I could have him,” she quietly said and sniffed. “Babe don’t cry please, I have a surprise for you,” Drake sat down next to her on the floor. “What would you name him? He’s going to need one since he’s yours now,” Drake said and Nicki quickly looked up. “What?” she was speechless. The puppy barked and started wagging his tail once again. “He’s mine?” Nicki quickly put him back down in the enclosure. “Yep, all yours baby,” Drake kissed her head and she smiled the biggest smile he had ever seen and quickly picked her new puppy up again. “You hear that Toby?” She held him up and looked in his eyes and he licked her nose once again. “Thank you so much baby!” Nicki was almost beside herself.
“Toby huh? How exactly did you know I was going to get him for you?” Drake questioned. Nicki decided to pick out everything she needed for Toby right then and there out of excitement. “Shut up, we were going to be friends whether you got him or not,” Nicki was already back to her old sassy self. They finished shopping and headed back out to the range rover. Toby immediately pawed at the window of the car as they drove and Nicki rolled it down a little for him. He stuck his head out and watched the world go by, taking in every single smell. Nicki laughed as she watched him. “Thank you getting him for me babe.” “You’re welcome baby girl, I love you more than anything,” Drake said. They pulled up to a red light and he leaned over and gave Nicki a kiss on the cheek. 

 Here's little Toby!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Before The Show: Oneshot

 Before The Show
"Mmm, that was so amazing babe,” Nicki whispered out of breath. Drake kept his mouth shut and just smiled a little bit pulling up his jeans and fixing his crew neck. “I better get out there, have all your stuff out by the morning,” Drake continued to get ready for his show. Nicki was so confused; she didn’t know what was doing on. “What?” she stammered getting off the couch. “Have all your stuff out by the morning,” Drake’s demeanor had changed. He wasn’t going to let Nicki get to him this time, he was over it. “Excuse ME?” Nicki snapped. “I know about you and Safaree and that means me and you are over, get your shit out of my house,” Drake spat back at her. “Nothing happened, do you believe everything you read?” Nicki rolled her eyes. Drake cornered Nicki and put both his arms up so she couldn’t escape. “Do you not understand how much I love you Onika, I would do anything for you and then I find out you still fuckin this nigga behind my back,” Drake held back his tears. “Well I’m DONE, so get all your shit and get the fuck out of my house. Don’t call me or text me, nothing!”  Nicki was in tears; she knew she had messed up this time.
“Aubrey please,” Nicki blinked trying to stop her tears from falling. “Don’t Aubrey me, how long did you think you could pull this shit off?” Drake headed towards the door of the dressing room ready to leave Nicki behind for good. “Aubrey STOP!” Nicki snapped. “Look Onika, I can’t play this game anymore, I’m hurt and I don’t have the time. I will always love you and you’ll always be my number one but I have to go,” Drake leaned in and passionately kissed Nicki’s lips. “I love you,” Drake let one tear escape his eye as he walked out of the dressing room leaving Nicki on the floor in complete despair.  

 **I'm Sorry #Team Dricki.. I'll make it up to you** <3